Welcome to the Rhum Agricole website, dedicated to this very special rum.
Mainly produced in the French West Indies, a few Indian Ocean islands and in some parts of South America, Rhum Agricole has its own specificities which make it different from Cachaça and molasse Rums.

From freshly grinded sugar cane to the bottle, this webiste will take you on a journey, highlighting its caracteristics and unique origin.
You will explore the honey rod, sugar cane (origins, varieties and production modes) and the steps to turn it into Rhum Agricole (fermentation, distillation and barrel aging).

Rhum Agricole and Martinique are so much intertwined that a Protected Designation of Origin was granted for Rhum Agricole produced in Martinique, the first ever for an overseas spirit.
You will discover how Martinique and its Rhum have transformed each other.

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