Welcome to the Rhum Agricole website

This website is dedicated to a very special rum. This rum is mainly produced in the French West Indies, a few Indian Ocean islands and in some parts of South America. Its name is Rhum Agricole. You will discover the Rhum Agricole, its caracteristics and origins.

This website also deals with Rhum Agricole main ingredient: the sugarcane. You will find some facts about sugarcane: its origins, varieties and production modes.

Rhum Agricole production and maturing are explained through the process (sugarcane juice extraction and fermentation, distillation and barrel aging)

The various kinds of Rhum Agricole or industrial rhum are described and you will find some recipes.


Rhum agricole & Martinique.

Martinique's rhum agricole's is granted since 1996 a protected designation of origin. This website has therefore a dedicated section to Rhum Agricole produced in Martinique. This protected designation of origin (A.O.C in French) guarantees the specificity of its origins and production process.

You will also learn on this website about the role played by sugarcane in Martinique and its history.


Other rhums agricoles.

Rhum agricole is also produced elsewhere than Martinique (Guadeloupe, La Réunion, ...). We hope that soon a new section about these other rhums agricoles will appear on this website.



You should also read our disclaimer page to enjoy sensibly the Rhum Agricole.