Martinique & sugarcane

Sugarcane cultivation

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An expanding crop

Sugarcane is the second crop of Martinique behind banana with 13.7% or 4150 ha of cultivated lands. Land area used by sugarcane is up by more than 20% over the past 20 years after several years of decline. It rose from 3700 ha in 2005 to 3950 ha in 2007 and 4150 ha in 2009. This fast paced growth can easily be explained by Rhum agricole high added value and rising sugar prices on world markets.
In 2009, Martinique produced over 220'000 metric tons of sugarcane. 40% of the harvest went to "Le Gallion" sugar production facility (89'476 tons to produce 5'564 tons of sugar and the equivalent of 15'000 hectolitres of pure alcohol page de créditsof traditional rum). The remanining 60% went to rhum agricole distilleries (to produce the equivalent of 80'000 hectolitres of pure alcohol).
There are currently about 180 farmers growing sugarcane. Farms tend to grow bigger over time with over 50 ha producers accounting for 6% of overall farms while having almost three quarters of the cultivated area. The share of large farms is expanding as the number of farms decreased from 217 in 2006 to 180 in 2008.
(data IEDOM 2007,2008 & 2009)1

Production trends

The trends for sugarcane production and its use in Martinique are :